I believe in your ability to grow and heal. Therapy is a place for you to receive guidance, structure, and support along your way.

I provide treatment to individuals confronting a variety of challenges in life, including depression, anxiety, trauma, eating problems, and childhood abuse. I deeply value the unique strengths and abilities of my patients and draw heavily on these gifts in our work together. The structure and techniques that I bring to our work draws from many different traditions, including psychodynamic, feminist, relational, existential, and narrative theories.


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If you have a chronic history of depression or find yourself in the midst of a depressive episode, then you intimately know how disruptive and deeply painful depression can be. I will support you in developing the coping skills and attentiveness to self-care that is needed to restore stability to your life. With curiosity and compassion, we will work to uncover the patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that may be contributing to your depression and develop new ways of being in the world that support health and growth.

Trauma and Abuse

Making the decision to heal from trauma and abuse is a courageous act. Whether you have experienced violence as an adult, such as sexual assault, or childhood abuse, such as physical or sexual abuse or neglect, trauma treatment aims to restore your ability to regulate your emotions and to relieve trauma-related symptoms. I will help you to explore and challenge some of the harmful and inaccurate lessons learned as a response to trauma, and to integrate a healthier understanding of your traumatic experiences into your worldview and life story.

Eating Problem Treatment

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Whether you are struggling with an eating disorder, problems with eating, compulsive exercising, body image issues, or any other issue related to embodiment, I will work with you to develop compassion and understanding for the meaning of these symptoms in your life. As body and eating problems occur along a broad continuum, the course of your treatment will be tailored to meet your individual needs while remaining attentive to your well-being and safety as you undertake this important work.