Interview on Enlightened Empaths Podcast!

Enlightened Empaths BPD.png

Enlightened Empaths is a wonderful podcast hosted by two well-known intuitives, Samantha Fey and Denise Correll. The show provides support and community-building for empaths, and gives useful guidance on navigating the world as a sensitive person as well as embracing your natural gifts.

I was thrilled to be interviewed on their 10/1/18 episode (aptly titled “Meet Amie Roe!”). In the interview, I speak about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), boundaries, self-care techniques, and being an empath.

You can listen to the podcast on many different platforms, including iTunes and Spotify.

My deepest wish is that people struggling with BPD — those who themselves are diagnosed with BPD/BPD traits as well as their loved ones — find a message of hope in this recording.